Friday, April 28, 2017

The Monthly Muse Catch Up

To Muse is to:
• To dream
• To ponder
• To reflect on - a song, a poem, a story, a life event
• To wonder, to marvel

So, The Monthly Muse was launched.

Let's do some catch up. 
Add magazine cut-outs of your favorite things to your monthly pages. The left side includes the title for the month, the theme, items I am grateful for, a word list, a color list, drawing ideas and two columns for notes.  The right side has a small calendar, cut from a full year calendar glued to one upper corner, two rectangle outlines for drawings surrounded by open area for ideas, notes, and things I want to remember such as special happenings that month.  Please share with us how you personalize and add to the page set-ups for your journal.

My January:
Theme: Beginnings, learning
Gratitude: Writing community, rain
Word List: Winter, cold, stormy, rain & snow - grateful for every drop.
Colors: Blue, white, green sprouts
Drawings: Sketch 365 challenge, leaves, tangles
Notes: craft plans, ideas, writing craft, work on design elements, time management

My February:
Theme: writing
Gratitude: for focus
Word List: wisdom, discernment, compassion, grace, love & kindness
Colors: pink/purple sunsets, grey-blue rainy skies
Drawings: practice illustrations for children's books, design notes & ideas, flowers
Notes: empower, leave toxic situations, find community

My March:
Theme: Spring is coming
Gratitude: New friends!
Word List: confidence, contribute, trust, solitude, journaling
Colors: green, pink, lavender
Drawings: finished one sketchbook and started another "Anything Goes" sketchbook, love watercolor best, consider giving away acrylics.
Notes: editing classes, finding where I fit is a life-long process, write one short story per month - join challenge, use photo images for story prompts more regularly.

It's time to gather our ideas for our May pages.  Have fun with it, maybe start by adding the set-up outline and pulling some magazine pics for inspiration like I do.
----------- next time -- making our envelopes for magazine cuttings -----------------

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