Monday, November 5, 2018

Calendar Journal November 2018

Hi Friends.
My November 2018 pages are prepared with in progress views. Would you like the monthly Journal posts to continue? I'd like to as long as I have tips to inspire your art journaling that you find of value. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

This month we have: acrylic finger painting (using a glove), acrylic background preps, and using a brayer (a little rubber roller) to spread paints for layering. I was anxious to try Alisa Burke's finger painting method with the orange blossoms. Cool! The leaves and grasses were done with a brush.

I had a double wide open page between October and November, so I used a brayer to spread acrylic color across the pages. (green, blue, white, yellow) Then I layered strips cut from deli tissue painted papers - SO versatile! Anyway I'm thrilled with the outcome. I used a Sharpe pen for black lines on each side of the strips to make them pop. I may add a poem or some such - we'll see:)

Next - Judith Cassel Mamet introduced me to using paper lunch bags to make travel or special occasion journals. Use 3 paper bags folded in half and alternate the direction of the opening. Great for preserving 'this & thats' from your travels or special times.  The one pictured below is a journal of flowers since I'm all about flowers right now. The key is to add layers, glue pics etc 'cause the journal becomes more sturdy.  Have Fun Creating! Best to all!

Bind-stitching through all three folded bags, clamped together, & holes punched.

In Progress!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Calendar Journal - October 2018

Fall is my Favorite Season! 
Here's the start to my journal pages for October. Orange & Yellow are chosen colors! And I've got lots of room for more stuff.

I've just been introduced to the idea of "enhancing" my photographs for art journaling by drawing details with a Sharpe marker and using acrylic paint in key areas. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm in the middle of choosing some flower pics for experimentation - should be fun!

Favorite Season by Deborah Lyn 
One of my textile pieces named "Favorite Season" is pictured here. It was an experiment in shred-cutting loads of fabric and arranging my picture of Fall. It weighs about 5 times as much as any of my other art quilts!
I played with this idea, making my piece about a year before I saw another artist's rendering of a beautiful forest scene. 
Best to you all for a wonderful Autumn.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Calendar Journal - September 2018

Hi Friends - Welcome to September 2018 and our Calendar Journal project.

I have been watching YouTubes by Judith Cassel-Mamet and love her take on Art Journaling. She teaches Craftsy classes that are fantastic and full of tips and process for our Art Journaling Adventure!

SO--I'm going back to enhance my Journal pages for this year! Lots of stencil, and spray ink fun.  Do check out Judith's YouTube videos & website - you'll be glad you did:

Please share what you create. best, deborah

That's a wrap for August, except for some watercolor enhancements.

Stencils, overlays, deco papers and my hand crafted deli paper painted with acrylics (paint on framed glass, roller to mix, paper pressed on top, hang on clothesline to dry, tear pieces for placement) -- sample to the right >>

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Revisiting My Favorite Art Pieces Today

Wind In My Hair - Acrylic on Silk painted quilt
Lisa - Lovely Model - Acrylic on Silk
Marsh Wren

Our Wonderful Son on his Shasta Winter Vacation
See tabs above for more textile and watercolor works 
Here's to your creative fun today!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Calendar Journal - August 2018

Planning ahead for August!
Theme: 80 degrees +
Gratitude: AC Relief
Colors: hazy gray, dusty blue
Drawings: flowers
Words for the Month: painting, artists' get togethers
Notes: Learning to ask for help, acknowledging I need breaks too, adjusting commitments.
Goals: Take the help and feel good about it.

Caregiving our Loved One is a privilege and the right thing to do. It is also exhausting. I must learn to ask for and receive help when feasible. It's a good thing and not a weakness of mine. It is best for all as care may be needed for a long time. We shall embrace siblings visits-it is their right. The work will get done and fortunately we have their moral support.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Calendar Journal - July 2018

I have kept my Calendar Journal open on my desk all of July. It has been great for sparking a note here and there! [most is personal - therefore cropped out]

Hope you all will find time and guard those few minutes of your day to draw and craft and play. Looks like I should go back and enhance the lettering for Joy - Friends - Music!  Will do.

June was a full month for me as for you too - here's just a snippet.

Please share your snippets too!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

June Update - Mom & Caregiving

Well - June has been a traumatic month: further neglect from facility caregivers, denied by hospice twice, unable to move her to a lovely Care Home because of it, & bed-sores. BUT WE MOVED HER TO LIVE WITH US YESTERDAY, SAFELY & WONDERFULLY.

Our lives have changed radically, but we are much more peaceful. The checking on at all hours, feeding, changing, reminds me of the times we had a newborn. She is bed bound and mute due to strokes, but she is still there gracious and loving.

Gratefully yours, deborah lyn
Posted April, 2018
A few years ago I made this quilt to honor my mother-in-law and her battle through Alzheimer's disease. The image fades as time goes by and she is floating in the piece and in real life. I share it again to honor her. 

Mom, at 93, has been bed bound for a year now due to two strokes and can no longer speak. She is a resident in a facility and we are with her daily.  

The facility she was in for 3 years was sold and the new owner is doing a major remodel, so all residents must move. The last several weeks have been very intense due to this move and finding suitable accommodations.

We have relocated her - no easy feat! - and she is in her new room with all of her things about her. This is a huge time for readjustment for her and for us. And many items of her care must be improved.

So that's what been happening over here causing my delays in posting. Hoping for your understanding, deborah  

PS- my Calendar Journal pages for April still await me. Please share yours and give me a boost :)  
Also, you may find my caregiving articles of interest/help at:  

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Catching Up - Calendar Journal Update

Life here has calmed down a bit, and Mom is doing well. So, I'm catching up on lots of things--such as my Calendar Journal pages for March, April and May! Some in progress photos follow.

I'm taking my journal with me more often and find that I have lots more I want to capture by writing or sketching while I'm out and about instead of waiting for a particular time. Why didn't I do that sooner? !!!

Have fun with your journal as we wrap up May with birthdays and Honoring Memorial Day! 

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