Monday, July 24, 2017

Being Productive - FINI 2 WIPs

I finally finished two wall-hangings that have been on my design wall for far too long (how long? I don't want to tell you ... since last year) BUT I finished both this weekend. Great productive feeling and love the weight of them off my shoulders. Funny how I procrastinated with the excuse "I don't want to mess it up, what if it doesn't turn out right" and so on. Embarrassing but true.  Sound familiar? please share with us. 

 Anyway - here are pics of the finished pieces.

It's been fun to add magazine snapshots, titles of books I'm reading and a want to read list, search notes and discoveries made on my July's Muse pages.  Here's part of my word list for this month: Community, journaling, light hearted, searching for comrades, book club, play in my studio, create!
Best to you all! deborah

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