Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Tribute to Honor Our Wonderful Veterans All on Memorial Day!

Thank you dear Veterans, one and all, for your service to all of us to keep us safe, to watch our back, to do the tough work.  I give you this tender poem written by Grace Noll Crowell.

 A Mother to a Son in Service

Whenever you are this day, my precious son,
God hold you close, God keep you safe from harm.
In this strange victory that must be won
It takes your youth, your strength of heart and mind,
Your valor and your courage and your might
To bring to pass the miracle of peace.

God keep you facing forward toward the light
That waits ahead for you when war shall cease.
Take God as your companion, O dear Heart,
We must not, dare not face the days alone.
With Him for comrade we can do our part
And staunchly, bravely face the great unknown.
I, too, must be a valiant soldier, for
That is what mothers are when there is war.

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