Friday, April 18, 2014

Creative Fun - Sketching - Cathy Johnson fabulous artist and teacher!

These posts are dedicated to miscellaneous creative project fun - experimenting with color and design. 
To all my fiends at Off the Wall Fridays and Creative Every Day 2014 for sharing your inspiring artwork!
Post for April 18, 2014:

Growth and confidence with watercolor and ink sketching is a focus for me right now.  And I have to tell you about the wonderful online classes Cathy Johnson offers!  Cathy (aka Kate) is a fabulous artist and an excellent, positive, inspiring teacher.  Not many like her around. 

Take a look at Cathy's new Artist's Journal Workshop at:  Cathy also has a wonderful Facebook groups - see:  Artist's Journal Workshop and Nature Artists.  And don't miss her websites:   and
More on the "Creative Fun" page.
take care all, deborah


  1. Very nice, Deborah. The color pallet and the layer are outstanding.

  2. Deb, thank you so much! You are a doll. And that gate is so inviting...just makes me want to step right through...

  3. Beautiful and very nicely done sketch! Inspiring work! Thank you for sharing


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