Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cadillac Ranch Amarillo, Texas

Just finished my depiction of the Cadillac Ranch located just outside of Amarillo, Texas.  It would have been incomplete without a silhouette of its founder.  The piece is 30" W X 24" H.  I used linen painted by Teresa Shippy for the sky and commercial cottons. for more info see:  http://www.libertysoftware.be/cml/cadillacranch/ranch/crabtr.htm
This piece will be traveling with the Route 66 Challenge exibit for the next 2 + years.  Lots of traveling and fun in store.  Kelly Gallagher-Abbott and Patt Blair are the wonderful curators of The Route 66 Exhibit.  http://jukeboxquilts.com     http://pattsart.com

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