Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gene Warden's Retirement Gift

Gene was always happiest when he was getting his boots dirty on the job site!  So I just had to capture the boots memory in a quilt.

For Dirt Kickin’ was made to celebrate Gene Warden’s retirement and his terrific accomplishments throughout his career.  It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Gene for the last 7+ years of his career at The Boeing Company.

Decor fabrics tweed and velour, cotton/bamboo batting, machine applique and quilting, 32" X 32".



  1. Love the thought behind this piece! But those boots look rather clean to me...Perhaps they've been polished up for the retirement party? ;-)

  2. How did you do the shading in the folds of the boot? Was the fabric actually folded? or did you paint?


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