Thursday, January 12, 2012

The House Quilt Project

One of several things I am grateful for in 2011 is getting involved in The House Quilt Project.
It has been a joy to make quilts for our returning veterans to express our WELCOME HOME to them in a personal way.  To give them a token of our appreciation for their service to keep our country safe.

Several years ago I read an article in a knitting magazine about a woman and her daughter starting the “Stitches from the Heart” organization.  The group made beanie hats for preemie babies for their trip home from the hospital.  I was drawn to participate because my first child was a preemie born at 7 months and I would have loved to have had a beanie for him to go home in.  It was wonderful to think I could give a gift of a beanie to a new mom and her preemie babe.   The veteran quilts have a similar meaning for me.  Though my husband was stateside in the reserves, he could have been shipped to Viet Nam for any alert.  I think of him coming home and how wonderful it would be for him to receive one of these little gifts – so – I love making the house quilts for our veterans! 

To All Our Veterans, Thank You!
I have included pictures of my recent houses:)
Please follow the link to The House Quilt Project to check out this wonderful project.

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  1. I love this house quilt. The dark of the trees against the snowy background is wonderful. Good for you for making this. Whoever gets it will treasure it!


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