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To all my fiends at   Off the Wall Fridays ,  and  Creative Every Day   Thank you for sharing your inspiring artwork!
I am intrigued about creating Maps of life steps, special times and memories of places and people.  This one is about where I fit and where I don't.

Playing with paper and fabric:

Autumn fun:



"In Loving Memory"  of my Mother's favorite things. 
Completed March 2015

Textile portrait in process.

Plein Aire sketching at San Juan Capistrano Mission:

Work in progress for new fabric collage piece!  I dyed a linen napkin using a metal tree piece and acrylic paints.  Added lace and am in the process of stitching with decorative threads and 100 wt silks.

I have been working an Exploration piece based on a Stupendous Stitches on line Craftsy class with Carol Ann Waugh.  Very fun class, take a look.  
I used 3 lines of WonderFil threads!  Wonderful to work with!! 
Here's my piece:

 I found that my background fabric was too dark in certain areas and I had to work hard for contrast.  I also don't feel this piece is integrated and am more of a mind to crop and cut and use certain favorite areas in fabric collage pieces or for covers on hand made books:) Thoughts?  Thanks for stopping by!

Growth and confidence with watercolor and ink sketching is a focus for me right now.  And I have to tell you about the wonderful online classes Cathy Johnson offers!  Cathy (aka Kate) is a fabulous artist and an excellent, positive, inspiring teacher.  Not many like her around. 

Take a look at Cathy's new Artist's Journal Workshop at:  Cathy also has a wonderful Facebook groups - see:  Artist's Journal Workshop and Nature Artists.  And don't miss her websites:   and

More Fabric Collage Fun just finished!

Catch the energy created by the diagonals!  I have received wonderful instruction for artistic design and for textiles in particular from Elizabeth Barton.  Inspired to Design is her excellent book and she is just wrapping up an online course by the same name through Academy of Quilting.  My main subject for the class was a yellow cottage I had photographed on the coast of Southern California.  I really like what happened when I used a black & white print of the photo (by de-saturating the color), then cutting diagonal slices and repositioning.  I'm set to make this quilt as a  24"X38" piece !  Fun ahead!
Here's the original photo:

Just finished my first fabric collage - great fun!! - took the wonderful Fabric Collage online workshop with Deborah Boschert!  check it out on her Blog at:


  1. Welcome!! - please feel free to link up anytime! I love the idea of staggering the design!

  2. Hi, Deb. Came over from Nina Marie's. Can hardly wait to see your design in fabric!
    best, nadia

  3. Thanks for showing the original photo. Amazing how a few well placed cuts and shifts can move it from ordinary to interesting. I too came from Off the Wall link up, and look forward to seeing progress.

  4. The diagonal slice is really cool.
    LeeAnna Paylor


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