Saturday, April 15, 2017

April 2017 - The Monthly Muse

Calendar Journal 2016
Spring is a season for new beginnings! 
So how about an artsy Calendar Journal?
 I have been considering several definitions for MUSE.  These are my favorites:
• To dream
• To ponder
• To reflect on a song, a poem, a story, a life event  
• To wonder, to marvel

So, The Monthly Muse began.

Here's the story: While browsing through craft books, I stumbled upon an idea for creating a monthly planner and making it artsy.  I used too many page as signatures for my 2016 book, resulting in several blanks I plan to go back to sometime.  I used watercolor paper, stitched binding, monthly tabs, and a fabric cover.

Calendar Journal 2017
For 2017, I reduced the page number by half and created my planner with a fabric cover that reminds me of my Mom.  I used fabric I had bleached with a design, beaded, and applied lace reminiscent of my mother’s generation. For the center stage, I used a pair of my mother’s dressy evening earrings. This time I used heavy stock paper not watercolor.  It can only handle a tiny bit of water.

Let me show you the interior set-up. The left side includes the title for the month, the theme, items I am grateful for, a word list, a color list, drawing ideas and two columns for notes.  The right side has a small calendar, cut from a full year calendar, glued to one upper corner, two rectangle outlines for drawings surrounded by open area for ideas, notes, and things I want to remember such as special happenings that month.

My WIP April pages include:
Theme: Spring
Gratitude: Time in seasons, months, weeks and days, my writing group
Word List: Taxes, classes, trust
Color List: pink, green, sky blue
Drawings: leaves, sunflowers & poppies
Notes:  Do No Harm

Have a go and share what you chose to do.  It is perfectly OK to start your Calendar Journal in April!  It is your book. It’s wonderful whenever you start.   ------ some Jan/Feb/March catch up next time -----   

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It's good to revisit - Portrait of Helen sold in a SAQA Auction

 "Helen" was sold a few years ago in an auction for Studio Art Quilt Associates, aka SAQA.  I loved making this piece based upon a portrait I painted.
12"X12" textile portrait of cotton and batik fabrics, fusible applique, machine quilting, and set on a second backing of black felt.

The title for this portrait is special because my mother-in-law's name is also Helen. It doesn't look anything like her, but she is very dear to me.  My husband and I have been her caregivers - at 92 she is failing after two strokes.  Sad times.  (which also explains the gap in my posts)
best to you all, deborah

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Collage Making

I recently came across an interesting idea to gather 15 to 20 magazines and cut out images that speak to you.  Then trim and glue the pics to a poster or foam board.  The author said it was a portrait of my consciousness at that point in time.
I really wasn't surprised by my attraction to most of the photos.  To me they express friendship, color, portraiture, art, family, children, our pets, calligraphy, my loving husband and enjoying the shore.

Friday, December 30, 2016

MapMaking! This piece continues to guide me through the process of life.

I am intrigued about creating Maps of life steps, special times and memories of places and people.  Two Mapmaking Artists are my inspiration:  Jill K. Berry - Personal Geographies, and Valerie S. Goodwin - Art Quilt Maps.  Check out their books, I'm sure you have a map story too!  

I have several ideas I want to experiment with when I take a break from working on my current series: Moments in Time.  But I had to this one right away!  It's about where I fit and where I don't fit.  It did me so much good to work through and create this piece.

Best to you all!  deborah

Sunday, November 27, 2016

UPDATE 11/27/2016 - THAT'S A FINI WRAP -- I made it! NaNoWriMo Month!

Fantastic Experience - looking forward to Camp NaNo in the spring.

I'm 1/3rd into a month long event to write a novel of 50,000 words.  It's Astro-High Velocity daily writing fun.  NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month founded in 1999, with hundreds of thousands of international participants.
I have made new writing friends and love the adventure.  With a third written, I'm on target to finish my novel by the end of the evening November 30th, YEA!
Take good care, do what you love creatively today!  Best, deborah

Monday, October 17, 2016

"Reflections in Black & White" at PIQF - Mancuso Shows

Thrilled to have my collection show at Oasis Palm Springs and PIQF Santa Clara!  I was able to attend the wonderful PIQF show and have some pics to share.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Ready to Show! "Reflections" to Mancuso Shows October 2016

My solo exhibit is to be shown at Mancuso's Oasis Palm Springs show and PIQF Santa Clara, CA 
Oasis: October 6-8, 2016
PIQF:  October 13-16, 2016
Come, see and let me know what you like!

Deborah Lyn Stanley, Artist
Collection title: 
“Reflections in Black & White”
Theme: Everyday People
Artist’s Statement: 
“Reflections in Black & White” is based upon original photography by Deborah Lyn Stanley.  “I have enjoyed capturing people in everyday situations in my photos for years.  I digitally manipulated my photo selections and created fractured arrangements for this collection.”
Materials & Techniques:
Artist’s original photography, digitally enhanced and printed on 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting, canvas backing, machine quilted.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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