Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Collection to show Palm Springs, CA October 8-10, 2015 - Lost-FOUND-Home!

Much Gratitude to Mancuso and team!  My collection was found along with all 7 other exhibits and returned to each of us.
This has been quite a worrisome time but all is well in the end.
We know we take a risk when we ship out a piece(s) of our art
but it means so very much to share it.
Wishing you all the very best always, deborah

Sadly my exhibit and others never arrived at the convention center - they were lost in transit.  The Mancuso team is still searching -- a finders fee has been offered.  We are all hoping for the best! 
But you can see my collection quilts on my "New Work" page  & on my website http://lynstanleyart.com/.
best to all, deborah

My special exhibit is on it's way to Mancuso's Oasis Palm Springs show
October 8-10th, 2015
Hope you plan to attend - enjoy!

Deborah Lyn Stanley, Artist
Collection title: 
“Reflections in Black & White”
Theme: Everyday People
Artist’s Statement: 
“Reflections in Black & White” is based upon original photography by Deborah Lyn Stanley.  “I have enjoyed capturing people in everyday situations in my photos for years.  I digitally manipulated my photo selections and created fractured arrangements for this collection.”
Materials & Techniques:
Artist’s original photography, digitally enhanced and printed on 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting, canvas backing, machine quilted.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ReDesigned My WebSite!

My Logo

I recently re-designed my website - just have to share it with you all!  Take a look >>> http://lynstanleyart.com/

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Eye of the Artist Exhibit at Mission Viejo Library

Been way busy around here - I'm sure you can relate...  But...

I have 6 pieces in the "Eye of the Artist" exhibition with the Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists.  Do stop by for a look see if you are in the area - lots of great art by BTE members.

An artistic eye is unique to each individual artist. The subject matter is created from the artist’s life experiences, their artistic style and how they see the world.  The fiber art in this show exhibits the diversity of each artist, as seen through each artist’s eye.
Exhibit Dates – August 1 through 31, 2015
Exhibit Location – Mission Viejo Library, 100 Civic Center Drive, Mission Viejo, California, 92691; Phone - (949) 830-7100
Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists  
Beyond the Edge Fiber Artists is an invitational group of artists with a passion for incorporating fiber in their creative works.  Beyond the Edge Artists:  Linda Anderson, Madeleine Bajracharya,  Laura Bisagna,  Mia Bloom,  Cynthia Catlin,  Linda Friedman, jo p. griffith,  Mary Beth Kile,  Teresa Shippy,  Deborah L. Stanley,  Eileen Wintemute

Monday, June 29, 2015

Thursday Watercolor Memories - Artists' Collaborative

I am delighted to share that the Alzheimer's Association is pairing up local artists with Memories in the Making artists to exhibit artwork together.  I've been invited to be one of the local artists!  So looking forward to this fundraising project - a wonderful privilege for sure! 

The last 2 months have been a whirlwind of moving mom, setting up her new home, and being her caregivers.  Our lives have changed drastically but we are really glad to have her close by.   Wishing you all the best, deborah

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thursday Watercolor Memories

Blue Moon
My 2 weekly classes with memory impaired seniors continues to be the highlight of my week! 

The Memories in the Making program can be used by families at home or in available space in facilities where the senior might be living. The Memories in the Making area of the Alzheimer's Association website for Orange County was recently updated and the following helpful article is included.  Hope you find it interesting and encouraging.  http://www.alz.org/oc/in_my_community_10849.asp

Memories in the Making
Caregivers at Home

Memories in the Making® at Home:
A Meaningful Activity for Persons with Dementia

The Alzheimer’s Association’s 24/7 Helpline has fielded several calls from caregivers who are struggling to find meaningful activities for their loved one.  Memories in the Making® is an ideal activity because it can be enjoyed by people with dementia in the early, moderate and late stages of the disease process and can be adapted to each person’s abilities.  The use of collage, painting and drawing with different mediums provides an excellent opportunity for the caregiver and their loved one to open the lines of communication and enjoy each others company.  It is also an excellent intergenerational activity that can be enjoyed with children and grandchildren. The article below will give you some helpful tips on how to get started.

Memories in the Making is a program in which persons with dementia are encouraged to express themselves through art. The program is most often considered a group activity and it is usually conducted in care communities and adult activity centers. However, it is also very effective on a one-on-one basis either at home, or when family members visit their loved one in a care community. Here is just one success story:

My husband and I frequently visited his mother at an Alzheimers care facility.  Like many families, we found these visits taxing because my mother-in-laws decline was hard to accept and she was at the stage in the disease that made ongoing conversation virtually impossible. The visits were particularly difficult for my husband, a man who was usually able to fix the problem, but was unable to fix Alzheimers disease.  Spending time with the stranger that his mother had become was troubling, but not visiting was out of the question.

One day I decided to bring watercolor paints, brushes and paper.  We found a quiet area in the facility and started painting, seating mom between us We did not announce that we were going to paint and we did not ask if she wanted to join us, we just began.  In no time we were giggling and sharing our art. She had painted as a hobby earlier in her life and she participated that day at a level we had not anticipated.  I think there was actually a little humming at the table from time to time. Mom didnt have the words, and I do not know how much she understood, but she was actively engaged in what we were all doing, smiling and interested in our creations.  I believe secretly each of us was grateful for the diversion of the paints and to not feel the pressure of making empty conversation.  Mostly, I believe what was occurring was that we had no expectations for the visit. We were just three people playing with paints and brushes.  We were in the moment and enjoying that instant.  In retrospect that day was one of our best visits and a time that stands out in both our memories.” La Doris Sam” Heinly, Alzheimers Association Orange County

For more information please contact Brianne Parmeter, Memories in the Making Coordinator, at 949.955.9000.  Click here to download more detailed instructions for using Memories in the Making from your own home. In order to have the greatest success with the Memories in the Making techniques, we encourage attending a training session.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Thursday Watercolor Memories

These last few weeks have been tough.  My husband's Mother is afflicted with Alzheimer's disease and can no longer be cared for in her home.  We will be moving her to a facility close to us in a couple of weeks.  A new chapter begins and we are hoping for a peaceful transition.  Fortunately, we were able to secure a place for Mom at the facility where I teach painting classes to seniors.  Lots of pluses with that.

On another note:  I know my time working with each senior artist is limited.  Limited by their wellness or not and their life journey.  I treasure the time I have with each one and it is sad when they pass on.  We lost 2 artists in April - precious folks, precious times - they are now resting.
Take good care of yourselves, deborah

Thursday, April 30, 2015

She's been accepted for Sacred Threads 2015

I am thrilled to tell you that "In Loving Memory", created as a tribute to my Mother, remembering her favorite things and all the good times we had together will be exhibited at the Sacred Threads 2015 show in July! 
Do check out Sacred Threads website - it is a one of a kind endeavor and a fabulous opportunity for all art quilters. 
Also notice their additional work: Healing Quilts in Medicine http://healingquiltsinmedicine.org/index.htm  

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Copy Arrived!!

My copy of 1000 Quilt Inspirations has arrived!  Sandra Sider did a fantastic job authoring this wonderful book - a tribute to 1000 Quilt Artists!

I am very thrilled that my art quilt titled: Aspiring Writer is included.  She is #0524 and she is displayed in the top banner of the Introduction page #9. 

Many of my artist friends also have pieces in this awesome book - here's a few:
Catherine Baltgalvis
David Charity
Patricia Charity
Cynthia H. Catlin
Deborah Boschert
Elizabeth Barton
Hilde Morin
Holly Knott
Jamie Fingal
Jean Wells Keenan
Laura Bisagna
Linda Anderson
Lyric Montgomery Kinard
Mary Tabar
Teresa Shippy
Terry Aske
Terry Waldron
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