Thursday, August 31, 2017

And Here's Handmade Journal #5

I have finally finished the five journals I prepared for binding with fabric covers in May! This one's for me! I love black & white creations - so, it has to be mine. 120 blank pages await free writing, sketches, stories and more:)

Happy September to you all! I have set up my September Journal Calendar pages but only have my Theme: Autumn-Almost. Weather is on most of our minds these days.  Concern for the Hurricane victims, our relatives living throughout the south, and the heat wave/fires in California. I commend the unity of Americans coming together to support our fellows in harms way and loss. Thank you for what you do to help.

I am eager to have my daily schedule settle down a bit. I spent August migrating my hubby's website to my Host to manage it - took 2 weeks - then the redesign of his website was underway - another 1.5 weeks.  Whew! :)

Anyway >> the photo below shows my solution for making a manufactured journal of 240 pages more functional. I like my journals to be about 120 pages because I prefer separate journals for different purposes.
I opened the book to a center most page, cut through the binding and the spine,
then rebound with another cover and created a new spine.  Two for One!

Here is the front inside cover and title page of the new second book with
the yellow rose above.

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