Monday, March 9, 2015

Thursday Watercolor Memories

As many of you know, I work in a senior living facility painting with memory impaired residents.  I love the time I have with each one!  Every week the class is the same yet every week holds surprises and sometimes unexpected changes.  Such is life -- It's real time “thinking quick on your feet”!

Every artist resident has good days and not so good days.  But my aim is to give them quality time in their happy place.  My class attendance is growing and is almost at maximum.  Some folks just come to sit, watch and enjoy being with us.

Memory is impaired for some more severely than others, BUT, familiarity is nurtured in that creative space and grows and is SO wonderful to witness.  I have one artist that is severely handicapped but is growing in that familiarity and becoming wonderfully responsive.  Oh, how my heart swells with joy! 
Wishing you all the best!! deborah



  1. I commend you for bringing what might be a glimmer of recognition or remembrance through the process of creating. It takes a special and patient person to work with seniors who have memory problems.

  2. During my college years, I was the art coordinator for the Valley Association for the Handicapped and learned, firsthand, how important expression of creativity is for everyone. I sometimes wondered if I was reaping more benefits than even the "students". The benefits of your contributions are beyond measure.

  3. oh Deb I am so happy some of your artists are coming out in their art ...isn't it a marvel what comes out from deep within when given the safe secure environment that you create for them? I gain so much from my kids class every week and feel selfish sometimes when I find I am smiling long after they go home

  4. How wonderful that your class attendance is growing! What you are doing is such important work. I love hearing about it! :)


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