Saturday, December 6, 2014

This last week - Artist's with Dementia class fun!

This week I tried something different with my artist's.  I took wonderful fall leaves and we added impressions of them to their paintings.  It went like this:  one lovely artist thought it was a good idea to put a leaf impression on her watercolor paper.  I applied red and yellow acrylic paint to the back of the leaf, followed her direction for placement, put it down with a napkin on top and she did the pressing.  Then we lifted the napkin and got ready for the surprise! OO AH! Quite a few of the artist's wanted to do the same, so I had a busy, joyous, wonderful class day!

Here's some more quality info regarding Alzheimer's and Dementia conditions and the wonder of creative arts.

Treating Alzheimer’s Through the Creative Arts  -- “I Remember Better When I Paint”
Interstellar summary:  I Remember Better When I Paint' is the first international documentary about the positive impact of art and other creative therapies on people with Alzheimer's and how these approaches can change the way we look at the disease.
Among those who are featured are noted doctors and Yasmin Aga Khan, president of Alzheimer's Disease International and daughter of Rita Hayworth, who had Alzheimer's.
Do watch this YouTube – 3min and wonderful:

Creative arts are an avenue to tap into the non-verbal, emotional place in an individual.  Somehow  creative arts bypass the limitations and simply go to the strengths.  People still have imagination intact all the way to the very end of their progressive disease.  Wonderful benefits: social interaction, active, using their hands, strengths and imagination!!

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