Friday, December 30, 2016

MapMaking! This piece continues to guide me through the process of life.

I am intrigued about creating Maps of life steps, special times and memories of places and people.  Two Mapmaking Artists are my inspiration:  Jill K. Berry - Personal Geographies, and Valerie S. Goodwin - Art Quilt Maps.  Check out their books, I'm sure you have a map story too!  

I have several ideas I want to experiment with when I take a break from working on my current series: Moments in Time.  But I had to this one right away!  It's about where I fit and where I don't fit.  It did me so much good to work through and create this piece.

Best to you all!  deborah


  1. To me this art work has a very ethereal, almost other worldly, quality to it. I really like the fabric you used for the hand image.

  2. That is funny you mention this map thing. I have lusted for Valerie's book for a while and just finally got it last week. Now all I want to do is MAPS for the rest of my life!!! Not really, but you know what I mean! I can't put the book down,


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