Friday, May 30, 2014

The Virtual Paintout - Plein Aire (sort of) Virtually

I discovered The Virtual Paintout Group Blog recently via Cathy Johnson, a wonderful artist and instructor (    During the month of May the group traveled - virtually - to Chile!  What fun!  I'm not an international traveler and my travel in the states has been quite limited, so this whole idea is huge fun for me!  check it out at:     My painting was done in a small moleskin watercolor journal.  I am looking forward to June's travels and doing more now that I have my feet wet!  best to you all for wonderful creative time!  deborah


  1. This looks like it is a great group of virtually traveling artists. I very much enjoyed perusing the link you provided. The paintings provided a feel for Chile that photographs often fail to capture.

  2. Deborah, this sounds like fun. I am horrible at watercolors, however, which is probably why I was not too great at painting fabrics aka Skydyes. I love what you did.

  3. Gorgeous watercolour. Beautiful and inspiring piece!


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