Monday, April 28, 2014

Exploring Thread Collage with WonderFil Threads!

I have been exploring machine decorative stitching and embroidery with WonderFil threads.  I used Invisafil, Razzle and Spagetti threads in this piece and they are fabulous to work with!!  Great quality and wonderful colors!!   Do visit the WonderFil website and check out their thread lines.  A very informative, quick tutorial video is available for most thread types. 
Wishing you Stitching Fun! deborah


  1. Deborah, I never heard of these threads before. Is the invisafil as invisible as invisible thread would be? If so I might have to try it. Love your thread collage.

  2. Thanks for writing about WonderFil threads. It looks as if they have great potential for use in art quilts, as well as in other art projects.


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