Monday, November 5, 2012

Kindness Chronicles - November 2012

Well, I feel I have missed the Kindness mark this month. I have been very wrapped up in getting ready as a vendor for 3 art venues, pushing to get my inventory and fun stuff ready. But I will share with you my appreciation for my husband’s daily kindnesses to me and stories from friends.
Eileen Wintemute
An elderly man went to see a movie at the theater. It had been a long time since he had gone and went to the concession stand to see how much popcorn would cost. The theater worker told him $6 for a small. Since he was raised during the depression and could not fathom spending that amount of money for popcorn, he muttered something like "ridiculous" under his breath and walked away. A person standing nearby saw all this and thought he did not purchase the popcorn because he could not afford it. She purchased the popcorn and caught up with him walking to the theater. She gave him the popcorn as a nice gesture. He was a little embarrassed that she thought he needed charity, but also completely stunned at her kindness. He acceped the popcorn and came away with a wonderful feeling for the kindness of this stranger.    I bet you can guess who the old man is! I feel very grateful for the kindness of strangers to my dear old Dad.
Linda Friedman
When I stood in a grocery check-out line with an overflowing basket, three people behind me had mere hand carried items. It only made sense to let them go ahead of me. One of these individuals was rushing a tasty morsel to a friend in the hospital and was ever so relieved not to have to wait until my cart was emptied.
On another occasion, late one evening I helped a fine lady get into her house when she had locked herself out.
During the height of Hurricane Sandy, I learned of a young girl who I did not know and who was worried that her birthday would be put aside because of the storm. I sent her a note of encouragement and days later received an e-picture of her celebration.
Somehow these small acts seem insignificant in light of all the people who have lost everything, are braving the cold and the wet, and unanticipated, frightening homelessness. My donation to the Red Cross pales in comparison to the selflessness of first responders, but I'm still glad that I was able to contribute, even if it is a drop in the big, big bucket.
Thank you for all your kindnesses!  Please write me when you have a kindness story to share.


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