Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kindness Chronicles - October 2012

This month my thoughts about kindness brought me to: listening - really listening, supporting each-others endeavors and work, being a friend through good and bad, and giving a cheerful encouraging word as you come in contact with others.  I have a dear friend that makes a practice of always giving a cheerful greeting sprinkled with encouragement!  It is always uplifting!

I want to draw your attention to Mia Bloom’s endeavors and her works of  kindness.  She has just completed her 54th piece that she leaves somewhere to cheer and encourage the finder!  Thank you Mia for all that you do!

#54 - Here is the latest artwork that I'm going to randomly leave somewhere. I used security envelopes to make the flower.

Mia also has made Breast Pockets for women with cancer.  Read more: 

"Breast Pockets: Recently, an incredible artist, Melanie Testa, posted about a call for breast pockets on her blog. Check out the post. She is a breast cancer survivor and a proud flattie. Her goal is to collect 1,000 pockets. I jumped at the chance to participate. I hope that you will join in, too!

The breast pocket I made is for my mom, Sally, who is a 10 year breast cancer survivor. She is 85 years old and going strong. When I told her of this project, she requested her pocket to be red and glittery. I sewed red sequins on top of the pink pocket."

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  1. Hi Deborah-Thank you for your act of kindness for posting about my blogs and projects. You're a wonderful friend and artist. I'm getting creative fulfillment from working on these projects. All the best, Mia


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