Friday, August 31, 2012

YEA! I have finally found wonderful Calligraphy classes! They are with Barbara Close, Showcase Gallery in Costa Mesa, CA. Barbara is a great instructor and an expert Calligrapher. I am really looking forward to the fall session! 
I'm working hard learning how the right tools work together and developing my skills, it's all more involved than I thought!  I'm often frustrated, but I'm pushing forward to the time my skills are in place and more creativity flows out. 
I hope to share some cool project before too long - like brush calligraphy on my tin tile painted pieces from Teresa Shippy's workshop!  
I met Lisa Engelbrecht, Artist/Calligrapher, a few years ago and I have been delighted and inspired to watch her go!
Some fun links (folks also on facebook):

 Best to you all for a wonderful & safe holiday, deborah

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