Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles - April

Your kindnesses inspire me!

I went to an office supply store recently.  When I returned to my car the car parked to the right of it was gone and about a dozen cards were splayed on the pavement.  I was drawn to check it out and was mindful of our kindness mission.  I went through the cards and noticed no credit cards were included (good!) just store cards like Starbucks etc., but one was a AAA Emergency Auto Assist membership card.  I took the cards back into the store and had the card holder paged but there was no response.  Rather than leaving the cards for a lost and found box  I took them with me and called AAA.  They called the member, gave him my phone number and he called me.  We made arrangements to get the cards back in his possession.  He sounded like an older man and had not noticed his loss until AAA called him.  He was delighted & I feel so good that I got involved!

Also this month I had a bad trip & fall at the post office.  Moving too fast, needing to send a quilt for take in for an exhibit!!  I was unconscious for a while and came to just before the paramedics arrived.  No hospital, yes concussion.  I have been the recipient of much kindness from the post office staff, paramedics, friend sitting with me until my son & husband could get home to care for me.  Wow - kindness is a wonderful thing!


Thank you all for all you do every day!

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