Monday, March 5, 2012

The Kindness Chronicles

I echo the thought that kindness is reciprocal!  Being kind to others comes around and makes you & me feel good too.  Right then!  Our friends, Lyric Kinard, along with Jane Lafazio have started The Kindness Chronicles. Anyone can join! Simply share your random acts of kindness the first Sunday of every month. We are sharing inspire, not to boast!

I have been thinking a lot about Courtesy.  Courtesy is good manners and it is a kindness to others.  I have been practicing courtesy to phone solicitors.  On a given day this can mean several opportunities!  I find that compassion follows. 
Greeting others with a smile is an act of kindness for every day.  My husband and I make a practice of this during our daily walks.  We often receive a happy warm response. 
Please join in and share - we'd love to hear your message too.

Do check this out from Mia Bloom:

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